IAMLogic Solutions Built for Evolving Business Environments

We provide modern organizations with streamlined security, authentication,
and authorization processes in the form of SSO, MFA, Identity Management, Access Management, and Advanced Analytics.

Keep your enterprise IT under strict lock and key

True security requires two things; the right mindset and the right technology. We’ve developed our platform through rigorous vulnerability testing, data recovery measures, and corporate compliance protocols to create a sophisticated identity security solution for today’s modern enterprise.

How it works

Design and Deployment Services

Ensure your enterprise’s digital assets are secure with a customizable IAM solution designed to simplify and streamline IAM across your entire organization.

Professional Services

When you manage multiple applications, it’s complex and time-consuming. Simplify the process using custom connectors that streamline IAM everywhere.

Onboarding & Training

IAMLogic proudly supplies comprehensive training best practice programs to help your identity and access management workflows remain ahead of the curve.

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IAMLogic – AM

An end-to-end authentication and authorization solution that grants access to servers, applications, and user endpoints using SSO, MFA, and IDP security protocols.

IAMLogic – IDM

A centralized repository that creates operational efficiencies, lowers administrative costs, and increases security to help maintain corporate compliance.

IAM features and benefits

Device & VPN Security

Restrict unauthorized users from accessing your enterprise’s valuable proprietary data. Maintain application security and protect devices such as VPNs, Routers, Firewalls & Linux servers using RADIUS protocols and custom credential providers.

Windows Endpoint Security

Scale security resources and reinforce your IT defenses against unauthorized access. Deliver high-quality endpoint security by protecting your applications with Windows Multi-factor Authentication solutions.

Compliance and auditing

Maintain corporate compliance protocols to legally protect your core business. Built-in compliance and auditing functionalities such as SIEM integration, Audit Trail, and Activity Reporting enable diligent recordkeeping of all data management activities.

Application Security

Protect sensitive enterprise and customer data from being compromised. Create secure authentication services for all enterprise applications such as CyberArk, Salesforce, G Suite, Offïce 365, ServiceNow, and AWS Cognito Federation.

Identity Server

Create native authentication requests for all web, mobile, or API endpoint applications by implementing OpenID Connect (OIDC) and OAuth 2.0 standards. You can also directly integrate with the Active Directory server.


Enable greater flexibility with how you use and manage data with REST API support. REST APIs are flexible, scalable and independent, creating faster workflows that support mobile app projects, IoT devices, and enterprise security applications.

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