Learn more about how IAMLogic IAM solutions help automate the administrative aspects of user management and protect critical enterprise resources.


Enable SSO/MFA on RedHat Linux using RADIUS.

Service Now

Enable SSO/MFA on ServiceNow using SAML.


Enable SSO/MFA on Cisco VPN using RADIUS.

IAM Success Stories

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Guarantees we offer our clients

✅ Multi-factor authentication to validate corporate user identities.

✅ Role and directory integrations that protect access to critical systems applications.

✅ Data security reports in compliance with ISO 27001, PCI DSS, and RBI Guidelines.

✅ SAML, OpenID, Radius, and Proxy protocols that easily integrate with enterprise applications.
24/7 production support.

✅ Identity Governance

✅ Workflow

✅ Analytics

✅ Customization Frameworks for both AM & IDM

✅ Can be deployed as an on-premises solution

✅ Leveraging DevOps for IAM

Trusted by leading corporations

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