IAM Security Platform

How it works

Blended authorization and authentication solution

Authorize user permissions and authenticate secure access to application systems in one streamlined workflow.

Secure access to critical systems applications

Advanced role and directory integrations protect access to critical systems and data infrastructures.

Compliance reporting and user management

Generate detailed compliance reports and align with ISO 27001, PCI DSS, and RBI Guidelines.

Manage and secure all identities and data access
points across your entire enterprise tech stack.

IAMLogic Cloud and On-Premise Offerings

Have the flexibility to deploy both on-premise and cloud-based security measures using IAMLogic’s customized suite of IAM solutions.

IAMLogic – AM

An end-to-end authentication and authorization solution that grants access to servers, applications, and user endpoints using SSO, MFA, and IDP security protocols.

IAMLogic – IDM

A centralized repository that creates operational efficiencies, lowers administrative costs, and increases security to help maintain corporate compliance.

Identity Governance

IamLogic Identity governance helps organizations meet regulatory requirements and internal policies by monitoring access and permissions. It allows for auditing and reporting on access activities, ensuring transparency and accountability.

IAM Workflow

IamLogic IAM Workflow enables the structured and automated processes that govern the management of user identities, access requests, and permissions within an organization. It helps streamline and standardize the lifecycle of user accounts and access rights, ensuring a consistent and secure approach to managing access across the organization.

IAM Analytics

IamLogic IAM Analytics plays a crucial role in strengthening an organization's security posture by identifying access-related risks, detecting anomalies, and optimizing access controls.

IamLogic AM (Access Manager)

The ultimate access management product that provides a comprehensive solution for securing and managing user access across your organization’s infrastructure.

IamLogic supports a wide range of authentication protocols, including SAML, OpenID and RADIUS. Control access to legacy application using network level proxy. Easy to use group management to enforce policies effectively. With the added layer of multi-factor authentication (MFA), your organization can rest assured that only authorized users have access to your sensitive data and applications.

One unique feature of our access management product is the ability to customize the authentication flow and multi-factor authentication (MFA) based on custom Python code. This provides a high degree of flexibility in access management, allowing organizations to create a tailored authentication process that meets their specific security requirements.

Our product offers identity governance capabilities that help you ensure users have the appropriate access to resources based on their roles and responsibilities. IamLogic also includes powerful analytics capabilities that help you identify potential security risks and take action to prevent them.

IamLogic IDM (Identity Manager)

The ultimate identity management product that provides a comprehensive solution for managing user accounts across your organization’s infrastructure.

With our product, you can easily provision and de-provision user accounts across various applications and devices, streamlining the user lifecycle management process. Our product’s framework allows you to write connector/adapter programs that can integrate with any applications, operating systems, databases, and more, providing maximum flexibility and compatibility.

With IamLogic-IDM , you have the added benefit of being able to write connector/adapter programs in Python, a language that is widely recognized and preferred by System/IT/Network/Security professionals. This provides your organization with even greater flexibility and customization options, as well as the ability to leverage the skills and expertise of your existing team.




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